3 Step Summary
1.Please contact me by email after reading this page. We can then discuss exactly what your commission will look like, and what date it is likely to be finished. If you are unsure of what image to use, or which size to go for, I am happy to give advice on this. Although I predominantly work in pencil, I am open to specific requests regarding medium.
2. Take some images of your chosen subject. These need to be high resolution, preferably on a digital camera or good quality picture phone. I will only draw from one photograph, chosen by you. The larger, clearer and sharper the image, the better the final drawing will be.
3. Once I have completed your drawing, I will email you a photo of it. Occasionally there are minor alterations to be made. Once happy, we can talk about framing. Standard or professional frames are available, or you may want the drawing unframed.

Choosing Medium


  • Good natural light. Outdoors is best but not in bright sunlight. Artificial light can create a grainy effect.

  • Try and avoid intense shadows.

  • It is important that the eyes and face are clear and in focus.



Choosing the right photograph is essential for my drawing process

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