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Affordable and Personal

Pet portraits from photographs.

Do you want a portrait drawn of your beloved dog? Or know someone who would love to receive one of their pet? These commissioned drawings make great gifts.


Unframed Prices:

A4 - £120

A3 - £160

+ £30 for each additional dog

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Portrait drawings have become more popular within my repertoire. These can prove challenging, but I love doing them. 

Prices typically:


A4 - £110-150

A3 - £150-200

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Houses and 


These make great wedding and birthday presents!

Although drawings of houses buildings take much longer, I get a thrill from seeing all the elements come together to create the final piece. I recently shipped a house drawing to Amsterdam!

Prices typically:


Unframed - £160-250

See more buildings.




Why not personalise your wedding order of service with a drawing of the church or venue

Prices typically range between £100-150.


The original drawing and a high resolution scan can be sent to you.


More excited by cars than pets or portraits?

The perfect commission for any car fanatic. Classic cars are one of my favourite subjects to draw as the reflections off the paintwork often look like water, creating a somewhat surreal aesthetic. 

Prices typically between £160-250 unframed for A4 and A3 drawings.

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